Syn: baseball bag; hairy handbag; poke; sack [Submitted out of,Wei Lee, Dictionary from Gay Jargon]

Syn: baseball bag; hairy handbag; poke; sack [Submitted out of,Wei Lee, Dictionary from Gay Jargon]

scrub-woman: unrestrained gay, unmanageable interest by the a person to own sexual intercourse one which means having gender right through the day. See slut to possess Synonyms.

sea-fairy: homosexual exactly who cruise’s the seashore during summer days; a homosexual boy exactly who frequents beaches and resort for sexual run into. Synonyms: seashore cunt; shell queen; sunflower; tailgator; tansie.dos. a homosexual sailor.

Seal: 1. [1997 coined by this author, to be used on a penpal page, as definition for this type of person. Like the way the term bear is used.] young legal age teen, or young adult with hairless swimmers body, height, weight, is average or under for the frame.(hairlessness, smaller stature, lack of muscular development.)2 A seal is the younger partner in a relationship where one person prefers a love partner much older than himself. in a intergenerational relationships.. Synonyms.adultophile; boyfag: cherry top; fatherfucker Gerontophilia; intergenerational; manlover. intergenerational relationships; manlover.3 young man with no pubic hair.4. Seals are also legal age adults that looks like they are under, the legal age of consent. Example someone over 21 that looks 14 or 15. [ you better check that boys ID he, looks to young to play with. I know, I did and he is a seal.] an adult that can’t buy cigarettes or alcohol, go to Bar, or go to a R rated movie, without showing identification.[the attraction to legal age adults, young men of eigteen to twenty-one is termed ephebophilia.] this is more about body type, height weight, and about the looks of the partner, with sexual maturity. adult with a, Slender hairless body, With youthful appearance, can pass for 10 to 20 years younger then they are. Many Indians and Asians have this body type into their forty.6. either teens who are 18 or 19, or «boys» who are likely in their early/mid 20s and are trying, somehow, to look younger.7. a gay sailor.

Not a person that was in place of intellectual, or intimate readiness, it is about the youthful look of the new person5

sea-lions: good sailor one to gets out of hand immediately after which are thrown to your brig because of the naval MP’s seance an effective trois:

Seattle sail: to stand to a bar considering other guy, getting notice than just extract right back. Including boys within a highschool moving so you can scared to ask someone to dancing.

secondary virgin: [1990s] not taking part in intimate serves or perhaps not masturbating denial off the sexual pleasure untell relationships, as prior of one’s Christian trust. [just before I concerned the father I experienced sex with the dating apps for teens new men I will, but now I am a holiday virgin.] Synonyms: abstinence; born once more virgin.

self-service: 1. to control the newest pussy to possess sexual pleasure. come across genital stimulation to have synonyms:dos. auto-fellation, this new work off drawing of these oun manhood up until climax.

semen: any water released from the orgasm. ; mecotero; milk; oyster; pearl; pearl get rid of; protein; grain dessert; rich solution sauce; regal jelly; queen bees; sauce; scum; seeds; serpent venom; accumulated snow storm; soul sauce; spunk; starch; sticky; turnip seed products; vitamins; wad; whore’s milk products.

semi-closeted: homosexual exactly who denies that he is gay, it is aside simply to a Gays, one the fresh new is in the storage rooms to heterosexual.

Synonyms baby’s baby insert; ball-impact petroleum; beef gravy; cocoa butter; comings; cream; cum; cum-cum; knob drink; doll spit; dolly; deal with ointment; french dressing up; juice; gism; goo; sensuous direct; hot whole milk; jelly; jizz; jizzum; juice; liquid locks putting on a costume; load; love juice; mahu-pol; kid oils; maria; mayonnaise; meco dentro de tu boca!

Provider (v.): To add sexual pleasure, often on a daily basis, to a low reciprocating men (trade) of the a homosexual. Example. «Johnny functions around three guys you to survive his cut-off every week.»

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