Robin and you can Zoro have a unique matchmaking and possess perhaps this new very in accordance out of all the Straw Hats

Robin and you can Zoro have a unique matchmaking and possess perhaps this new very in accordance out of all the Straw Hats

Robin including appears to be most centered on Luffy, as he is the merely individual whom she desires to rating stronger having. This shows how great her dedication to the girl captain was following the Enies Lobby Arc. Through to training out of Ace’s passing, Robin are most astonished and turned considerably worried about Luffy’s welfare. Including Zoro, she comes after Luffy’s conclusion no matter what effects, eg when he chose to means a keen alliance with Rules to consider Emperor Kaidou. One more reason on her higher respect in order to Luffy would be the fact the guy ‘s the most person who helped Robin look for the woman commonly to help you alive. Amazingly sufficient, Robin has begun a practice off writing about people because of the brands Luffy phone calls her or him from the, in the event she obviously understands its genuine brands.

After the timeskip, Robin is actually shocked because of the Luffy’s stamina immediately following enjoying him beat the newest Kraken and you may watching your play with Haoshoku Haki

In the Dressrosa Arc, she impeded doll troops regarding chasing after Luffy, as he was going to face Doflamingo. Whenever she encountered Gladius, she really expressed their determination in order to Luffy, saying that he was worth perishing for as the he is always the new trump credit you to definitely delivered victory. Though Nekomamushi cautioned the lady that lots of good some one would is actually to kidnap the lady so you’re able to investigate poneglyphs, Robin looked unconcerned and you will feels sure adequate inside her captain’s opportunities.

Roronoa Zoro

Zoro try the one who stored the actual longest into assuming Robin, and bluntly shared with her he did not when they were made to synergy from inside the Southern Bird Search. Simultaneously, when you are she put certain tricks to get new trust of one’s almost every other Straw Caps (cut having Sanji, whom instantaneously top the girl just like the she are a lovely girl), she never attempted to secret your into recognizing the woman. She as well as addressed him in a different way than she did additional Straw Hats, managing him since the lady equivalent and also feeling safe adequate to divulge some info about their mystical early in the day in order to him.

Following Arabasta Arc, whenever Robin had entered this new crew, regardless of him 1st getting wary about this lady, Zoro after demonstrates that the guy cares for her also, as he is actually happy to fight for her whenever the woman is in peril, instance catching this lady when she try assaulted because of the Enel and you can furiously fighting your to have damaging this lady, and being the first one to take off Aokiji’s assault as he endangered her. Also, just did he strive to save the girl away from Enies Lobby like the rest of the woman relatives, he had been the person who obtained the correct trick one unlocked the woman seastone handcuffs. The guy plus runs so you’re able to the lady assistance next to Sanji when she actually is harassed of the an invisible Absalom.

Robin herself is prepared to protect him from any kind of possibility he is in the, such as for example catching him along with her Spider Internet immediately following he was knocked quite high towards air by the Oars, anxiously seeking save your self your from providing slain because of the Kizaru, and ending him Fresno CA sugar babies out of becoming slain from the liquid stress whenever he wished to log off this new vessel on your way for the Fish-Boy Island. In reality, she seems to worry a lot on the their well-are since revealed about Thriller Bark Arc. She had planned to know so badly about what took place anywhere between Zoro and you can Kuma you to definitely she uses this lady powers to eavesdrop on the Sanji’s dialogue towards the High-risk Brothers for the extremely amount, and like Sanji chooses to secure the basic facts a key out-of Luffy. Inside class, Robin is amongst the Straw Caps (the rest are Nami and you can Helicopter) exactly who observe over Zoro, posting comments to help you him exactly how nostalgic Bink’s Sake were to the woman.

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