Characteristics out-of study test and you may products associated with need to real time in order to a hundred

Characteristics out-of study test and you may products associated with need to real time in order to a hundred


This research will be based upon a corner-sectional populace-oriented postal questionnaire, wherein an arbitrary attempt out of elderly people (Letter = dos,633) age 75, 80, 85, ninety (600 of every decades cohort), and you will 95 (most of the, Letter = 233) living in Helsinki are removed in the Population Sign in Hub for the Finland in the year 2009. Brand new survey try sent in and you will re-delivered immediately after to the people who’d maybe not replied. The individuals dead, permanently institutionalised otherwise off unfamiliar target was in fact excluded (Letter = 431). The entire impulse rate was 74.3% (Letter = step one,637 of your own eligible 2,202 people-house people). Understand the profile during the Second data, AppendixS1, obtainable in Age and Ageing on the internet . Brand new participants towards postal survey was younger (83.7 instead of, P 19]. New survey in addition to asked for a summary of drugs. From all of these studies, the brand new ‘number of drugs’ try calculated.

Mathematical steps

Statistical analyses was indeed did having fun with NCSS statistical app. Separate decide to try t-assessment, Mann–Whitney and you can ? 2 testing were utilized examine the newest parameters between people that planned to live getting 100 and people who don’t. P philosophy 20, 21]. The fresh responses those types of responding ‘Yes’ and you can ‘No’ in regards to the want to meet 100 have been analysed independently. Every open-finished responses towards the matter of life really enough time was basically systematically examined from time to time to identify initial thematic design. The info was in fact organised and you can classified having fun with initial requirements that happen to be further classified towards the broader classes surrounding the original requirements. For every goods are weighed against other study to help you present analytic themes (constant assessment) [ 21]. All the categories had been classified toward analytic themes. Solutions was assessed and you will coded alone of the a couple of article authors (H.K., K.H.P.) to make certain precision. In some circumstances, there have been discussions among around three experts (H.K., K.H.P., Yards.L.L.) undergoing getting together with consensus. Tabulations were utilized to choose wavelengths about classes [ 21]. Focus has also been supplied to deviating phenomena.

Overall performance

Of all of the individuals who taken care of immediately the latest questionnaire, step one,405 seniors (mean age 83.eight years) responded on query concerning desire to become centenarians; of these, 29.6% have been guys. One out of three (thirty two.9%) of them society-dwelling people more than 75 wanted to alive in order to a hundred. Those wanting to end up being centenarians had been avove the age of others and you will more often guys. A good subjective fitness was quite common and significantly more commonplace one of those people looking to alive to-be a hundred. Among the many the elderly which have bad personal fitness, 23.9% wished to-arrive centenarian position. There have been zero tall differences when considering the newest teams with regards to marital status, education, co-morbidities otherwise suggest number of medicines becoming removed (Desk step one). Multivariate logistic regression confirmed conclusions you to definitely old decades, male sex and you may good personal fitness have been regarding the need to alive so you’re able to 100.

Univariate study of properties off members wanting to alive to help you 100 compared to those who didn’t, and you can multivariate logistic design for opportunity for these attempting to real time so you’re able to one hundred

Research taken out-of good postal survey. Charlson Comorbidity Directory [ 19]: good weighed size that takes into account the amount and you can severity of co-morbid standards.

Univariate data off functions off users trying to alive to help you one hundred weighed against individuals who failed to, and you will multivariate logistic model to possess odds for these attempting to live so you can one hundred

Data removed out-of a good postal survey. Charlson Comorbidity Directory [ 19]: an effective weighed size that takes under consideration the quantity and you may seriousness regarding co-morbid standards.

Report on qualitative answers

Aspects of the will to reside to 100 or the notice to not were provided by 29.6% ones happy (letter = ) and you will 44.5% of those unwilling to achieve centenarian reputation (letter = ). All of the 613 responses on the question of delivering grounds, considering on participants’ individual terminology, was in fact also referred to as observe, discussing specific analytic themes one of several participants (Tables 2 and you may step 3).

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