Because his subjects had been spreading, the guy now first started a great mobilization of his troops

Because his subjects had been spreading, the guy now first started a great mobilization of his troops

The folks often see this new bedchamber, its area and this understands zero sunlight

Particularly a beneficial wrestler who is going to go into the higher courtyard, he . their hand into the (?) the fresh new Age-kur. Eg a runner bent to begin with an event, he treated the giguna because if they was basically value simply thirty shekels. Like an effective robber plundering the city, he lay high ladders against the temple. So you’re able to demolish Age-kur as if they had been an enormous vessel, to break up the floor like the soil from mountains in which gold and silver try mined, so you can splinter they for instance the lapis lazuli slope, in order to prostrate they, instance a region overloaded by Ickur. Although forehead wasn’t a hill where cedars try felled, he had highest axes cast, he had twice-edged agasilig axes sharp for usage facing they. The guy place spades facing the root and it also sank due to the fact reduced as foundation of brand new Property. The guy lay axes against its most readily useful, together with temple, particularly a-dead soldier, bowed their shoulder prior to him, and all new overseas lands bowed their necks ahead of your. He torn away its sink pipes, and all the new precipitation returned with the heavens . He tore away from its top lintel plus the Residential property is actually deprived of their decoration (1 ms. keeps instead: the latest decoration of Home gone away). From the «Entrance where grain is never redirected», he diverted cereals, together with Land are deprived off grain. He struck the latest «Door off Well-Being» to the pickaxe, and you will well-being is actually subverted throughout the fresh overseas places. As if they certainly were to have great tracts from property like this having wide carp-occupied waters, the guy throw large spades (step one ms. has alternatively: axes) for usage contrary to the Elizabeth-kur.

Though they’d the time zero sacrilege, its lahama deities of one’s great pilasters reputation during the forehead had been tossed towards fire because of the Naram-Suen

The newest Akkadians you will definitely check out the holy treasure tits of the gods. The brand new cedar, cypress, juniper and you may boxwood, the fresh trees of its giguna, had been . from the your. He place the gold when you look at the containers and place their gold from inside the fabric bags. He filled brand new docks with its copper, because if it was basically a large transportation out of cereals. The silversmiths was indeed lso are-framing the silver, jewellers had been re also-shaping their precious rocks, smiths was basically beating the copper. Large vessels was indeed moored within forehead, highest ships were moored on Enlil’s temple and its assets was taken away from the town, whether or not they were maybe not items of a good plundered area. Into possessions becoming recinded from the urban area, feeling left Agade. Since the vessels moved of (specific mss. provides rather: juddered) the latest docks, Agade’s intelligence (step one ms. keeps as an alternative: sanctuary) was got rid of.

Enlil, the fresh new booming (?) storm that subjugates the entire homes, the newest rising deluge that can’t end up being experienced, is actually given what will likely be lost in exchange for the newest wrecking away from their beloved Elizabeth-kur. He brought up their gaze into Gubin mountains, making all of the inhabitants of your large mountain ranges appear (?). Enlil presented of one’s slopes people who do not resemble anyone else, who are not reckoned as part of the House, brand new Gutians, an enthusiastic unbridled people, having individual cleverness but the dog intuition (certain mss. possess rather: feelings) and you will monkeys’ has actually. Eg small wild birds it swooped on to the floor inside high flocks. Due to Enlil, they lengthened their arms out across the basic such as for instance a net to have animals. Nothing fled its purses, no body remaining its grasp. Messengers not any longer flew the brand new highways, the new courier’s boat no further enacted along the canals.

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